Just Love It!

What’s this Just Love It thing about?
Just Love It was Mike’s approach to life.  It is built on 3 principles:
1.       “You gotta do what you gotta do.” – In other words don’t waste time wishing things were different.  When Mike was diagnosed with his brain tumor he focused his energy not on wishing it wasn’t that way, but on his treatment program.

2.       “Show ‘em what you got.” – If you don’t hold back and give it your best shot then there is no shame in losing or failure.  You will win the next time.

3.       “Make every day special.” – A lot of people say this but Mike really lived it.  He had a way to make everything fun.  He was always the last guy to leave the locker room – he didn’t want to miss anything.
If you do these things then you can feel this way:
“If your skates are dull and you fall in front of everyone and they are laughing and you are dying of embarrassment you have to JUST LOVE IT.” – Mike Fitzgerald
Sometimes that difficult advice to follow – but it’s always good advice.